428 Education Foundation

Who we are... 

The USD 428 Education Foundation is an independent community-based organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in our schools by directing its resources toward areas of identified need. Our legacy as a volunteer organization is to fund innovative educational ideas and programs outside the scope of the public-school budget. 

We provide opportunities that enhance student learning and achievement, promote social and emotional development of students, and contribute to a strong school system and community. 

What we do... 

Through the generosity of the community, the USD 428 Education Foundation is able to generously award mini-grants to teachers as well as fund other learning and development opportunities that benefit our students and staff. We are proud to come alongside our talented teaching staff to provide access to innovate teaching tools and projects, enrichment materials and programs, and motivational guest speakers to name a few. 

How to get involved...

The USD 428 Education Foundation is a non-profit, charitable 501 c 6 organization. The primary source of funds is an annual event held in November. The Annual Dinner & Auction provides opportunities for corporate sponsorship as well as opportunities for attendees to buy unique and exclusive auction items created or provided by our students. 

The USD 428 also accepts memorial gifts or charitable contributions throughout the year. Gifts should be made payable to the USD 428 Education Foundation and sent to the address below. The USD 428 Education Foundation also holds an endowment fund at the Golden Belt Community Foundation, creating a fund and a legacy that will continue well into the future. 

USD 428 Education Foundation, 201 S Patton Road, Great Bend, KS 67530

USD 428 Education Foundation Trustees:

Kelsey Sciacca, President, USD 428 Administrative Representative

Kris Sundahl, Vice President, Community Member

Susan Holste, Treasurer, Community Member

Rachel Thexton, Secretary, USD 428 Secondary Teacher Representative

Aaron Emerson, Board of Education Representative

Beth Rein, USD 428 Administrative Representative 

Martha Rivas, Community Member

Dan Quillin, Community Member

Khris Thexton, Ex-Officio Member

Andrea Bauer, Ex-Officio Member