Attendance Matters

Showing up matters for R.E.A.L. It is an opportunity to:

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Every day in school counts! 

When students have good attendance, they do better in school. Good attendance is missing not more than 1 day of school a month, whether excused or unexcused. Missing just two days a month adds up to 18 school days per year - that's 10% of the school year.

It's no surprise that, at all levels of school, research shows attendance can impact student success.

Family, school and community partnerships play an essential role in supporting students. If a student's attendance is starting to get off track, parents and caregivers can expect to be contacted by school administration. And when students have good attendance, we'll recognize their efforts, because Every Day in School Counts!

If you have questions, contact your school's principal.

When do absences become a problem?