Parents as Teachers

The Early Learning Years!

» Parents are their children's first and best teachers!

» Come join us for fun in learning how your child develops and grows!

PAT is a FREE Early Childhood Education Program for parents of children prenatal to 3 years old.

Personal Visits:

This is the format in which PAT delivers the developmental and parenting information to the parents. The personal visit is usually conducted in the home where the child is most comfortable. We encourage the parents to get down on the floor with their infants/toddlers to facilitate the activity that goes along with the area of development that is being focused on during the visit. If it is desired, we can have the personal visit at our offices.


These times are set aside so children can socialize with others in their age group and learn cooperative play. Many will play by themselves yet alongside the other children. This is called parallel play. During playgroup, parents are encouraged to engage their child/children in whatever activity is being offered at the time.


Developmental screenings are held every six months to let you know how your child is doing developmentally. The tool we use is ASQ-3 for the Developmental Screen. Along with the tool the parent educators are trained to perform functional hearing and vision screenings.

Resource Networking:

The parent educators work hard to connect their families to resources in the area that can benefit them. Such services range from a doctor or dentist to the library or a music program

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Rosa Velazco, PAT Parent Educator


Amanda Gotts, PAT Parent Educator

Parents As Teachers Goals:

» Increase parent knowledge of child development

» Increase parent feelings of competence and confidence.

» Enhance parent skills and parent-child interaction.

» Prevent child abuse and neglect.

» Develop strong partnerships between parents and schools.

» Provide early detection of developmental problems.

» Increase children's school readiness and school succes

Results from PAT show:

Parents who participate in PAT are more active in their child's learning experiences throughout their elementary, secondary, and college years.

Children who participate in PAT are more advanced by the age of 3 years in all areas of development. They score higher when entering kindergarten and in the early grades of elementary school.