Q: What is a mill levy?

A: Kansas tax rates are described in terms of mill levies. A mill levy is equal to $1 of taxes for every $1,000 in assessed value of personal property. It consists of local levies, which are used to fund area services (City, County, and Recreation), and a statewide portion.

Q: Why at Sept. 5, Mail-in Election?

A: The September 5 election will focus solely on providing for the future of our schools and investment in education. A mail-in ballot seeks to engage more voters in the process, making voting easy and accessible for all.

Q: Why now?

A: All of USD 428's buildings (with the exception of the DEC & Central Kitchen) were built prior to 1960. Built to accommodate the needs of the 60’s, buildings do not have adequate power supply, safety and security measures to address current dangers, nor the accommodations for 21st century educational needs. After drafting a long-term facilities plan with a group of 45 engaged community members, this bond addresses the first phase of securing our schools and educational system for the future.

Q: What will happen to existing early childhood special education programs?

A: There is a combination of answers for this question and more discussions will take place when district-wide preschool becomes a reality. With the Washington Education Center being renovated/rebuilt in areas, students of all grades will continue to be served at that building based on their needs and abilities. Some students may integrate into neighborhood schools depending on the level of care they require.